About Radon Gas

I learned about Radon gas as I'm now working in Real Estate at Diverse Realty.

The gas reacts quickly and when that happens it emits some radio active energy. If you are close by, you will therefore be radiated.

We have found, over time, that a small amount of radiation is good for us. Not only that, we actually emit radiation ourselves. More than what Radon gas in our homes generates.

Actually, a smoke alarm system makes use of a decaying bit of radio active material. Those rays go in all directions for a long time.We channel a certain amount in two specific tubes, one of which is ...

I visited your website...

Every single day I receive an email that tells me they visited my website. There is the one for today:

« I recently visited your website and wanted to comment on how nice it looks. »

What I find really interesting is that I manage something like 20 websites and they NEVER tell me which website has a problem. It's like those telemarketers who call you telling you they can fix your credit credit card and immediately tell you there is nothing wrong with it... (you bet, they are always $0 since otherwise you pay a whooping 27%+ interest, who in their right mind would accept such ...

SMS From Me

SMS From Me is a new service by Made to Order Software Corporation.

This service lets your marketing funnel send SMS from YOUR phone to your prospect.

There are so many services out there that will offer you to send text messages on your behalf... that's scary! But all of them use these 3 to 6 digit numbers that have nothing to do with YOU.

What SMS From Me offers is a way to send SMS messages to your prospect directly from YOUR phone. This means it is starting a two way conversation with your leads without any intervention from you until your prospect replies to that first text ...

Create an area that ends with in a triangle

I wanted to create a website header where a background is a large quadrilatere that ends (bottom) with a triangle. So the top is like a rectangle and the two points at the bottom are not at the same level (one is higher than the other, the Y coordinate are different.)

It took me some time on how to do that without using multiple images or multiple divs, etc. And really to make it work cleanly we need an image as a background.

So the image should be large enough for a full screen desktop (crazy big for some these days, mine was big for a while at 1920x1080, now it's a dwarf, right?! ...

Neat CSS3 trick to avoid that "still loading" flash...

Have you noticed how when you hover the mouse over certain buttons, they flash? This is because the button is made of two images. One when you do not hover it and one when you do hover it.

The basic CSS generally makes use of a background with a URL to an image:

  background: url(images/button.png) no-repeat 0 0;
  background: url(images/button-bright.png) no-repeat 0 0;

This works great. When you hover you see the bright button. That a really nice effect. Only, the client has to load that button in their browser and most often, there is a flash ...

Where is RAII not going to work?

As I was getting ready to publish a new web application, I noticed some problems, pages marked as being CREATE when I could clearly see that they were marked as NORMAL (ready to be viewed.)

Looking into it closer, this was created by a status not being saved properly. We use Cassandra as our backend and my status was handled in a way similar to:

[create the page here]

The logic is perfect and I could see that the status was set to NORMAL before moving on to creating the next page. However, for some pages, the database ...

C++11 std::thread and exceptions

As many of your may be aware, C++11 now offers capabilities related to multi-threading applications. They offer multiple schemes, async and thread.

I would think that async is safe, from what I have seen, but std::thread is not.

Before you call one of your thread object destructor, you must make sure it was stopped. There is a list of the states the thread needs to be in so it does not terminate your process calling a destructor:

  • it was default-constructed (i.e. no thread was actually started,) as in:
void main()
   std::thread default_constructed;
   // ...

Another reason why printf() is better than std::cout

As I am working on a client / server system, I was printing out some info to see where I was getting stuck and noticed that all the messages got mangled really bad.

I was using statements such as:

std::cerr << "got message: "
          << message_name << "\n";

The problem with the implementation of cerr is that it actually prints each part one by one. This means the console gets locked and unlocked many times (which is slow!) and another process may write in between each one of your message chunk.

This is where a printf() is better since it creates ...

Spelling in English, why is that strange to a French speaker?

I have noticed that when someone spells in English to a youngster (and therefore slowly), they are likely to spell words and cut them at what I consider strange places.

A word such as constitution is spelled the way I would also expect it to be spelled:

con • sti • tu • tion

That is exactly the way we would break up the word in French.

However, a word such as acknowledge is spelled breaking up the word as in:

ac • knowl • edge

This is how the words are broken up by syllables in English dictionaries... It certainly makes sense to a grown up who has seen the words ...

Superb Comment About Security on Apple Forum...

So, I was wondering how to get the MAC address on an iPad 6. When you first get the device, you HAVE to set it up. That means adding the necessary info for a connection. Up to here, you'd think, not too bad... only you have NO WAY to get the MAC address of the iPad until the connection is setup. Ain't that practical?

Thus I searched using Google and found the best answer ever from a person on the Apple Forum (I do not assume that it is an Apple employee, it may be anyone, obviously...)

There it is:

You do not need to input the MAC ...