About Radon Gas

I learned about Radon gas as I'm now working in Real Estate at Diverse Realty.

The gas reacts quickly and when that happens it emits some radio active energy. If you are close by, you will therefore be radiated.

We have found, over time, that a small amount of radiation is good for us. Not only that, we actually emit radiation ourselves. More than what Radon gas in our homes generates.

Actually, a smoke alarm system makes use of a decaying bit of radio active material. Those rays go in all directions for a long time.We channel a certain amount in two specific tubes, one of which is sealed and the other opened. At the other end of those tubes we have readers which can detect a discrepancy between the left side and the right side. Once the discrepancy is too large, it is considered that your home has smoke and the alarm will sound.

It has been shown that smoke alarms emit more radioactive rays than Radon...

Yet, as Real Estate Agents we are expected to talk about the possibility that Radon could cause arm to our buyers and they should consider getting a reading of the Radon levels in their newly purchase home.


Because a research paper came out a while back about miners getting cancer and those cancers were linked to Radon gas. This is actual science. Deep in a mine, Radon gas can be much more dense and thus generate a lot more radiation than one would want to receive. Over time, the dosage will be too high and will destroy some of your tissues, leading to various forms of cancer.

This alarmed the EPA which in turned asked that we add a disclosure about the gas. To check your home, you want to call a person who will come with some equipment and check your Radon levels. Truth be told, of the shelves equipment used by these people is not actually working. The EPA even says that the measurements can vary with the weather which is not correct for Radon gas. This is because the equipment is not actually measuring Radon per se. The scientist in the video below does not really know what gets measured because there wasn't really any good scientific paper about it.

The EPA also releases a PDF file with the information about the miners. Absolutely no information about anyone in any of the millions of homes in the US. In other words, "Maybe you could be affected", which is science at its best, right?

There is the link, as you can see, it is on the EPA website:


In case it moves, I attached a copy to this post (see at the bottom of the page).


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