Another complex Shisen-Sho game!

In most cases, Shisen-Sho games have tiles that can be removed at the very top. That's how you start playing, by removing the top tiles first and moving downward from there. Most often, the best move is to collect the two closest tiles together and you win first time you play a game.

This one is different. That is, you still remove tiles that are together, but you have to work in the middle and the bottom a lot before you can start working on the top. This makes the game much harder to complete.

I made a picture of the game. This is from my 4K monitor, so very high quality. Click on the image to see it really large.

Click to enlarge and see the game fullscreen.

Note that you CAN solve this one. It'll take you a while unless your some sort of savant who can resolve these automatically.