SMS From Me

SMS From Me is a new service by Made to Order Software Corporation.

This service lets your marketing funnel send SMS from YOUR phone to your prospect.

There are so many services out there that will offer you to send text messages on your behalf... that's scary! But all of them use these 3 to 6 digit numbers that have nothing to do with YOU.

What SMS From Me offers is a way to send SMS messages to your prospect directly from YOUR phone. This means it is starting a two way conversation with your leads without any intervention from you until your prospect replies to that first text message.

I think that this is the future for any business that needs that one on one contact with the people who are to purchase from you, especially for a big ticket (where whatever is being sold can cost thousands of $$$ and thus requires this close touch.)

The SMS From Me comes with a free Android application and an Internet account which is just $9.99/mo. much less than what it's worth for you to text.