Superb Comment About Security on Apple Forum...

So, I was wondering how to get the MAC address on an iPad 6. When you first get the device, you HAVE to set it up. That means adding the necessary info for a connection. Up to here, you'd think, not too bad... only you have NO WAY to get the MAC address of the iPad until the connection is setup. Ain't that practical?

Thus I searched using Google and found the best answer ever from a person on the Apple Forum (I do not assume that it is an Apple employee, it may be anyone, obviously...)

There it is:

You do not need to input the MAC address into your router unless you have the router set to MAC address filtering (which I suggest you leave off).

Second, an overly long password just creates a host of problems and provides little, if any, extra protection. WPA2 has never been cracked and anything over 8-12 characters is going to take more computer horsepower than is available in the world today. So, shorten the password and log your touch onto your network.

As we can see, this is a security expert telling us that (1) you do not need to filter by MAC address and (2) you do not need a password that long.

I'm not too sure how hard this guy should be hit in the face, but wow! Even in 2011, no way that this could remotely stand. Computer horse power was already incredibly high then and cracking small passwords is not that big of a deal.

Now, not using filtering is NOT an option if you are dealing with any kind of accounting, credit card, social security numbers...

So?! What to do?

Well... super security aware Apple not giving you the MAC address (maybe it's on the box?) there wasn't much I could do. I had to turn off the filter for a minute, get the device to connect to my Linux box, then turn the filter back on. Linux got the MAC address that I could then copy in my wireless device (yeah, that device is not smart enough to tell you MAC addresses of devices trying to connect... that would be a lot better, since at least that way you would not have to turn off the one main security feature of that device.)

Anyway... I am still laughing hard at the user's comment.