Very Difficult Game of Shinsen-Sho

I like a game of Shisen-Sho once in a while. Usually, it's pretty easy. I may have to try 2 or 3 times, but I finish those games fast.

This one, though, it was way harder and it took me many tries before succeeding. But it worked. After a while and many attempts, I finally resolved it.

Unfortunately, the game does not allow us to save the game, I'm wondering whether the author would be willing to offer such an option at some point. I guess I have to post an issue asking such if it's not already available in the latest version.

There is the game as a screenshot (Click to enlarge):

Very hard game of Shisen-Sho

There is a copy of the game in ASCII instead.

F4 D6 OS OS F4 F2 B9 B6 B9 S7 B5 D7 D5 B7 OE B5 B4 S8
B7 ON S4 B3 D6 B4 D3 D6 OW D4 ZZ D9 S6 S4 B8 S4 B6 B9
D4 F3 B3 B5 D7 D8 S2 OW F4 D3 S6 FB B2 D3 D1 S2 S9 D4
S9 D2 B7 B8 D5 D1 F1 S1 S1 S5 D8 F3 S7 D4 ON OE F3 OW
F2 S8 ZZ B8 D2 FB S6 S2 S1 D8 S8 D7 S5 B6 F1 S5 D5 B3
D9 D8 D5 S3 B3 S3 ZZ S3 OS OS OW OE S7 D9 B5 OE ON B2
B8 S3 FB ON D3 B4 S8 S5 S9 B2 F1 D1 B8 S7 S1 S4 D9 B2
F1 F2 S2 D1 ZZ F4 D6 FB B6 F2 D7 F3 D2 S9 B9 S6 B2 B4

B — Bone
D — Domino
F — Flower
FB — Flying Bird
O — Orientation
S — Shisen-Sho
ZZ — Zero

There are 4 orientations: [W]est, [E]ast, [N]orth, [S]outh.

There are 1 to 9 Bones, Dominoes, Shisen-Sho.

There are 1 to 4 Flowers.