Incredible Californian Law

Incredible Californian Law

As a software developer living in California, I learned of a few things over the years. One of the most incredible thing I learned about is section 515.5 of the code of Labour.

More or less, that section says that you are a software developer and make $36/hr or more (or wages of $75,000/year) then you are not eligible for any overtime as defined in section 510.

No Overtime for Programmers in California!

Now, I agree that if you earn more than $36/hr (some programmers do make around $80 to $120) then you are certainly well fed anyway. But you have to consider ...

Quite Incredible Optimization

I was nicely surprised today when I tried to compile the following test function with the -g3 optimization flag.

int f(int a)
    bool b(true);
    b &= a;
    return b ? 5 : 255;

The result makes use of advance arithmetic to compute the 5 or 255 out of the 0 or 1 defined by the result define in b. As expected, though, if a is not 0 or 1, the result may not be what you'd otherwise expect.

 0: 83 e7 01        and    $0x1,%edi
 3: 83 ff 01        cmp    $0x1,%edi
 6: 19 c0           sbb    %eax,%eax
 8: 25 fa 00 00 00  and    $0xfa,%eax
 d: 83 c0 05        add    ...